My name is Dag Ove Johansen. I was born in Mo i Rana in 1950. I grew up in various places in Trøndelag (mid-Norway) and northern Norway: Skogn, Levanger, Tunnsjøen, Mosjøen, Innhavet på Hamarøy, Namsos og Alta. Now I live in Fauske in the County of Nordland, 55 km from the city of Bodø, which is located right around the Arctic Circle. I was educated as a teacher in Bodø, and have worked at various schools in Fauske and Rognan since 1972.

In 1974 I came out with my collection of short stories called T FOR TRAMATURA. Later there were a number of other collections of short stories and some works of fiction - by 2001 I had published a total of 12 books in the areas of youth and adult literature. The following have been published:

  • T for Tramatura (1974)
  • Planetmalerne (1974)
  • Syklon (1979)
  • Ond sirkel (1984)
  • Stormnatt (1988)
  • Rambos lov (1990)
  • Den hvite søvnen (1991)
  • Havørnas skygge (1992)
  • Nordlysvinger (1993)
  • Tidskapselen (1998)
  • Vargtid (1999, på CD)
  • Johansens Åpenbaring (2000, direkte på internett)
  • Johansens Åpenbaring (2004)

In March 18, 2002 the first book in the 12 book series called SJAMANENS RIKE was published.


In addition I have contributed over 100 short stories in anthologies, magazines, periodicals, on the radio of the Norwegian Broadcasting Company , etc. My last contribution entitled "Huleboerne" was in the anthology Vidunderlige, nye verden?", which was published by Gyldendal.


In 1973 I became a member of the Association of Northern Norwegian Authors, and later also the Center of Norwegian Authors.

Since 1998 I have been the editor for Fabula, an internet magazine, and for the social psychological newspaper Samfunnsliv.

In 1999 I was one of the winners of the fiction contest held by Egmont Bøker (now N.W. Damm & Søn)

Ever since I read Ørnulv Vorrens book Samer, rein og gull i Alaska (also available in English: "Sami, Reindeer and Gold in Alaska", try, I had thought about writing a story about the people who went over to Alaska in 1894, and trace their experience through those dramatic years in the new land. It is very challenging and demanding to write fiction books in a series. It is a completely different way to work as compared to my earlier works of fiction, short story collections, and anthologies, which I began doing in 1974. Because of that, the walls in my 2 work rooms were filled with posters, maps, overviews, various bits of information, pictures, etc. during the project. Sometimes you feel like you just have to hope for the best! Fortunately my permanent consultant was a big help with the books.

You can read more about me in the internet magazine Fabula. There is an English version, too...