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September 2011:

# 2 of the Sami edition of the series has been published by the Sami publisher IDUT.

The title in Sami is:

Sáivomáilbmi 2 – Goavvemánnu

(Goavvemánnu meaning ”Frost Moon”)





Geir Vildgren of Senjahopen, Norway, is going to produce the Norwegian and Saami editions of SJAMANENS RIKE into audio books. With sounds and music added it will be produced as mp3-files and a professional actor from the Hålogaland Teater in Tromsø is going to recite the books in the Northern Norwegian dialect typical for the area. Also the Saami books will be produced with professional Saami artists.

Look at the newspapers TROMS FOLKEBLAD and SALTENPOSTEN (only in Norwegian) where you can find the photographs of Geir Vildgren and the author of SJAMANENS RIKE, Dag Ove Johansen...

Click her and her.



By clicking the tiny English flag you can see how the cover of the English version might look like - if it's going to be published....



Sweedish SF is out with the long awaited Oscar-nominated Saami movie OFELAS - PATHFINDER by Saami director Nils Gaup on March 16. 2005. It has been digitally remastered and a DTS sound-track is also available.

Some of the unofficial extra materials are:

Commentary by Nils Gaup
SKY Channel trailer interviewing Nils Gaup
Trailer (Saami version)
Interviewing Nils Gaup
Behind the scenes: 30 minutes.
Oscar Nomination.




Exhibition on the Saami Emigration to USA in USA 2004 - 2005. Read more here




The Sweedish Sametinget has announced new books, also RAVEN DREAMS in the Saami language:

Saami version of RAVEN DREAMS




The famous Oscar Nominated Saami movie OFELAS - PATHFINDER, is being released in March 2005. The Saami director Nils Gaup's action movie, one of the best Norwegian movies ever, will be released as a DTS 2 disc version with a documentary and a director's commentary.

I really hope Nils Gaup is reading the storyline for a Television series based on my series KINGDOM OF THE SHAMAN....



Hjemkommet etter nok en flott tur nordover til Mieron, Kautokeino. Gjorde flere intervjuer med Anne Susanne. Nå skrives historien ut for fulle mugger. Det er bare å forhåndsbestille boken....





Today my good friend Henry Hansen, to whom this site is dedicated, would have been 75 years old.





Lynne Hippler has now completed the translation of the first book in the series, RAVNEDRØM, into English. The title is RAVEN DREAMS.

American readers of this site are welcome to send me some advice on how I can get an US publisher to read the manuscript in order to publish it in English.

Send me a mail!




My new friend on the net, Pierre Thomson, the man behind NORSKKLASSEN, has translated NEWS and HISTORY into English for the English version of SJAMANENS RIKE/KINGDOM OF THE SHAMAN.



Arrived in Fauske this afternoon after some fantastic days in Finnmark. A new report about Shaman on Wheels will come soon...



Article in Saltenposten about my trip to Finnmark and interview with Anne Susanne Tornensis. Sverre Breivik messed up a bit on the location: Anne was not in Alaska but in Canada, by the Mackenzie River, in the 1930's. Article title: "Det svinger rundt Johansen"


5/12 - 5/23/2004:


Readers of KINGDOM OF THE SHAMAN have certainly noticed the afterword in book number 12, WHERE THE RIVERS MEET. Here the author mentions Susanne Tornensis, who was at the reindeer station by the Mackenzie River in the 1930's. Her correct name turns out to be Anne Susanne Tornensis, and she lives in Mieron north of Kautokeino. She is a granddaughter of Johan Svendsen Tornensis, who made the journey to Alaska in 1894, and who is one of the characters throughout my historical novel series.

Her mother, Susanne Johansdatter Tornensis, was a little girl when she travelled over to Alaska with her mother, Susanna Mikkelsdatter Hætta (previously married to Johan Svendsen Tornensis) and her new husband Aslak Johnsen Bals, on the ship "Manitoban" in 1898.

The new project is a documentary book about Anne Susanne. On May 12 the author will travel north to Mieron to interview her in more detail. There have already been two meetings with her: in August 2002 and in March 2004.



Dag Ove Johansen



A contract has been reached between DAMM and Lynne Hippler, a resident of California, for the translation of book #1: RAVNEDRØM, into American English. Lynne has lived for 15 years in Finnmark and has many friends among the reindeer herders.

It is a great relief to me that this project is getting seriously under way. A big thank you to Lynne, who has read the whole series and who finds it very interesting and well suited to the American market. I hope she is right about that...



Article about the Sami edition of KINGDOM OF THE SHAMAN in "Reindriftsnytt" #1-2004.



Posted material about the research trip to Alaska and Canada in the summer of 2000 at a new address
here  .



Received in the mail the periodical Vårt Land of 3/16/2004 about Sami emigration to Alaska along with a notice about my novel series on the same topic: "Primitive People Rescued Primitive People from Starvation" (Bjørgulv Bjåen).





March 2-5, 2004

I just got home after spending some exciting days in Troms and Finnmark on the book launching tour for the Sami edition of RAVEN DREAMS (RAVNEDRØM / GEAIDDANIEHKU).

This was also the author's first meeting with Nan and Åge Persen, who operate Idut. This was a very pleasant experience. We worked together on radio and TV interviews in Karasjok.

The trip was also a sad memorial to my best friend Henry Hansen, who died on February 16 2004, and who joined us on the first research trip to Karasjok, Kautokeino and Alta in the summer of 1999.

A series of interviews for newspapers, radio and TV were given. For the first time the publication of a novel series about the Sami emigration was mentioned on TV. The news went out on Oddasat, Nordnytt and Norway Today (March 3) after the recording was made at NRK Sami Radio in Karasjok.




In the first week of March the first book in the series, GEAIDDANIEHKU (RAVEN DREAMS) in Sami will be launched in Karasjok, Kautokeino and Tromsø, as well as elsewhere.

The author will travel north on March 2 and participate in a series of interviews. The press release has already been sent out to many media outlets in both Norwegian and Sami. You can see how the Sami edition looks like by clicking

The Sami version is stored as a PDF file that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.



Today my best friend and travel companion, Henry Hansen from Horndal, passed away. Here he is sitting in his moose country in Sørfold, Nordland, Easter 1998 with Horndalsvatnet and Eiavatnet in the background.

I wrote a memorial speech beside Henry's casket in Mørsvikbotn chapel, February 26 2004.
The first research trip in connection with KINGDOM OF THE SHAMAN was made in the summer of 1999 in Finnmark, together with Henry and his wife Mariann and my wife Ann. We traveled through Sweden and Finland and into Norway to Karasjok, Kautokeino and Alta where we visited museums and historical sites and took many pictures. During the last 20-25 years we have traveled together, both within Norway and abroad. Henry was also the man who got me back to nature and the good life.

You can find pictures from the first research trip to Finnmark in 1999
here. .

KINGDOM OF THE SHAMAN web site is dedicated to Henry from now on.

We miss you terribly...



Starting today, the Sami national holiday, the 6th of February will be the official Flag Day for the Sami flag in Norway.

It's high time...



Received the good news that the Sami edition of RAVEN DREAMS - GEAIDDANIEKHU - is now printed. Next will come the launching and publicity for the book.



The Northern Norway department of the Norwegian Author's Center was mentioned in the Tromsø newspaper Nordlys.
KINGDOM OF THE SHAMAN was also mentioned there.